Telekinetic, four-armed bouncer


Attributes Agility: d6 Smarts: d6 Strength: d6/d12 Spirit: d6 Vigor: d8/d10

Charisma: 0 Toughness: 10 Pace: 6

Hindrances Heroic (Major) Anemic (Minor) Cautious (Minor) Code of Honor (Major)

Edges Brawny

Skills Fighting: d8 Intimidate: d6 Taunt: d6 Drive: d6 Streetwise: d6 Throwing: d4 Notice: d6

Powers Extra Limbs-Reach 1 Toughness +2-Hardy Attack Melee-Requires Activated Super Attributes-Strengthx3, Vigorx1, Activated


TO: Leopold Stronghold, CEO Stronghold Corp.

FROM: Dr. Sumiko Ito, Meta-human research

DATE: 07/12/2010

SUBJECT: Jack Cromwell, powers and family history.


Jack Cromwell is a telekinetic but he lacks the ability to project mental fields necessary to pick up and manipulate objects at a distance. This problem is only with projecting distant fields, he can and does manifest telekinetic energy centered on his own person and this is the basis of his powers. In other words he is a tactile telekinetic. He uses his telekinesis to greatly increase his strength and constitution which help aid his survivability in combat. Also, his telekinetic abilities protect him from harm by blunting incoming impacts. One oddity came up in his examination, the source of the two phantom limbs that he controls. While Jack is unable to project fields he can form his telekinetic energy into two “arms” for lack of a better term and then control these with the same dexterity of his flesh and blood limbs. It is the opinion of this researcher though observation of the subject that these limbs are separate manifestations of his telekinetic powers and that rather them simple constructs they are fully separate limbs which he always has. More observation is needed.


Some of the subject’s powers need to be consciously activated before use while other aspects seem to be always on. The powers that need to be activated seem to be the positive increase of his strength and constitution. The telekinetic defenses that the subject has appear to be always active, if this is due to the nature of the defenses or just a response to his daily job is unknown. Likewise the two telekinetic limbs appear to be always active, again the subject acts like he has had the use of them for some time and he treats them just like any other limb.

Family History

Jack Cromwell was born in Baltimore, Maryland on August 9, 1982. He was born to British national Bryant Cromwell and Baltimore native Gail Cromwell (maiden name Gail Henderson). Bryant was the retired British hero Melancholy Jest and was part of the Queen’s Legion for years until he left for undisclosed reasons. Jack grew up with his family in Baltimore until the age of seventeen when both of his parents were killed in a car accident. After the accident he lived with his Maternal Uncle Faine in Bradford, Pennsylvania. He moved to Sterling in 2004 and got his hero license shortly before the Stand. While the fact that he got a license may indicate that he was planning to hero full time he seems to have settled for his job as a bouncer at Kirby’s and doing some random hero acts on the side.

Final notes and thoughts

As to his health, Jack’s anemia seems to run through his father’s side of the family with the medical history of both father and his Grandfather (British hero Red Madigan) showing various medical problems. The conclusion of the department is that these health problems are a side effect of his powers and cannot be treated. Both Red Madigan and Melancholy Jest had mental powers with Red Madigan having the ability to control minds and warp perceptions and Melancholy Jest’s emotion control and telepathy, Jack’s powers are much more physical than his father’s or Grandfather’s though. Jack seems to be a good candidate to join the Sterling Knights and could be a welcome addition to the team. He appears to have a code of justice that he follows and he already observed acts of heroism bode well for the future.


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