Powered Armor test pilot


Attributes Agility: d8 Smarts: d6 Spirit: d6 Strength: d8/d12+3 Vigor: d6

Charisma: 0 Toughness: 13 Parry: 5 Pace: 6

Edges Quick Rich

Hindrances Servitor (Major) Gimmick (Major) Loyal(Minor) Phobia [Germs] (Minor)

Skills Driving: d6 Fighting: d6 Investigation: d4 Notice: d4 Persuasion: d4 Piloting: d4 Repair: d6 Shooting: d6 Throwing: d4 Swimming: d4

Powers Armor +6 (4pts) Growth :+2 Strength, Size, Toughness (4pts) Flight: Pace (2pts) Attack, Melee: Str+1d6 Damage (2pts) Super Strength: +3 Strength (3pts)


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll be among the stars.”

Walter Beauregard was born in Cape Canaveral, Florida just a couple of years after his grandfather died in the Challenger Shuttle Crash . This oddly enough, wasn’t much of a deturrent for him. Some had suspected he was a case of misplaced irrational fears (Specifically Mysophobia). Since he could function normally anyway, the condition recieved little attention. The child was fascinated with nearly everything that defied the normal laws of gravity. As a result, he became a pilot for a good number of occupations. This included tourist piloting, commercial airlining, and even emergency response work.

Walter joined the Aegis Project as the 18th test pilot for the suit at the heart of the project. Thus far the suits only survivor, he accepted the job knowing full well the dangers of becoming the project’s 18th victim. His mentality and aspiration for the project resulted in little hesitation toward the first and biggest success the project had ever seen.

The original causes of test pilot death were more obvious to the designs of the armor itself. Many would break every bone in their body as soon as they lifted their first car, from the sheer strain of the mechanical servos that serve to support the 1,700 pound suit. The reasons that followed were a little more reasonable, and a lot less immediate. These accidents included reactor failure, weapons malfunction, system shutdown during environmental stress testing, and even sabbotage. Finally, the last system to have it’s lethal glitches taken care of was the Energy Transfer Hub and Encephalon Router Amp (ETHER Amp). The system linked the pilot’s brain stem to the main Operating System of the suit through a wetware tap surgically implanted into the back of the neck and originally solved the problem of the suit crushing the pilot. At the same time it also turned out to be excruciatingly painful as the static power from the tap would leak into the nerves that it was attatched to. This problem was solved with more precise surgery, attatching the taps to only the motor nerves in the area of the implant.

Currently, there is no apparent damage to Walter’s Nervous System, but long term effects are predicted.


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